Riding in our cars or in taxicabs, we hear them tap the side window.  We turn our heads and see them. Some are begging for alms. Some are selling ‘sampaguitas’; some newspaper tabloids showing lewd pictures; some cigarettes with stork candies.  If it were Christmas, some would be singing dissonant carols.

Their bodies greased by dirt; scorched by the merciless sun.  Their clothes torn, crumpled, caked with stains.  Some have their minds soaring high form inhaling a dangerous substance.  Their hearts hardened by the hard lives they live.  Their innocence lost never to be regained.

Yes, they are the street children.  There are millions of them around the world.


The Streetchildren Development Center (SDC), Inc. was established with them at heart in mind.  With values education as its central concern, it was registered in 1992 as a non-governmental organization, with Quezon City and Mandaluyong City as the primary areas covered.  It is composed of concerned individuals who share their talent, expertise, time and financial resources to help the children in their effort to change the quality and course of their lives – to reclaim their dignity as persons.


Street Children Situation
Who are the Street Children?

Street children are young people who spend a considerable time living and/or working on the streets of the world’s cities. Different countries describe street children in different ways...



"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children."

                                 – Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa