Family and Community Integration Program (FCIP)

       This program aims to consolidate and systematize previous outputs at the community level. The FCIP aims to help sustain a healthy relationship between the reunified street children and their families, and facilitate their meaningful integration in the community.  It is also the goal of the program to enhance the capabilities of children, families, and support groups to collectively work and build a caring, responsible, and child-friendly community.  Likewise, the program aims to reach out to community children, especially out-of-school children, as a way of preventing them from becoming street children.  Through the FCIP, the SDC will endeavor to coordinate its community initiatives with local government units and various groups within the community.  The FCIP is SDC’s contribution to community development.

·    Undertakes seminar, training, and workshops that would contribute to          

       public awareness on children’s plight and development.

·   Assists in setting up livelihood or income generating projects to augment the 

       family’s income.

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"Children need models more than they need critics."
                                                             – Joseph Joubert,