Girl Child Development Program (GCDP)

       The community-based program is a response to the alarming abuses of girl children.  The program focuses on two major aspects of development of the girl children, namely: personality and economic development.  The GCDP aims to organize groups of girl children at the SDC’s areas of concern to systematically implement its activities (e.g. awareness sessions, seminars, skills training, etc.) and to provide direct services.  The GCDP works under the framework of women’s rights realizing that: “Today’s Girls are Tomorrow’s Women”.  It is SDC’s contribution to the promotion of “gender equality” and gender empowerment.

·        Conducts continuing education sessions, seminar, and trainings.

·       Provides professional counseling to girl children who are in trouble or crisis

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"In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children
but what you have taught them to do for themselves
that will make them successful human beings."

                                      – Ann Landers, syndicated newspaper advice columnist