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Atty. Leo D. Battad (blue colared t-shirt)) share a few minutes with passers-by to tell them about the plight of street children and SDC’s activities during the storytelling activity at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Quezon City.  Many passers-by also got were curious and observed the storytelling rendered by Ms. Love Aņover, a television personality of channel GMA-7 and newest member of the SDC.  Love  shared the story of her life – her childhood days of hardship and quest for a better futue.  Meantime, Ms. Niday R. Mayor (far right) had another session going on with other passers-by (in black t-shirt with shoulder bad).  In One of the passers-by Nidays, a student, asked her opinion about global warming and climate change.  He was conducting interviews among passers-by as well.